101 Night COMFORT CHANGE Guarantee

Our 101 Night COMFORT CHANGE guarantee is there to give you the reassurance that the mattress you have bought online meets your needs entirely. We do however ask that you familiarise yourself with the details and conditions below to ensure that there are no problems when it comes to processing the change. 

If you still need answers and we have not entirely provided the details you need, please don't hesitate to get hold of us on info@ezyhabitat.com.au and one of our service consultants will get you the details you need to make the purchase a seamless one. 

Important to note:

  1. Not all mattresses carry the 101 night comfort change guarantee. Please ensure that you check your selection and ensure that our comfort exchange icon is present on the specific product. If the icon is not present, please don't hesitate to chat to us online! Most high end mattresses do come with this assurance.
    1. If this icon is not displayed on an image in the product, the guarantee does not apply to that mattress. 
    2. All GISELLE mattresses are NOT covered by our COMFORT CHANGE POLICY. 
  2. Customers are permitted this service once only (per mattress). 

How it works::

  1. Only the Top Panel comfort layers of the product are changed for the comfort level requested. This is not a mattress exchange guarantee as the internal structures should not be compromised and are under warranty from AHBEARD. 
  2. In order to action this upgrade, your mattress must be removed from its current location (by our team) to the factory for a period of up to 10 days. Kindly ensure that you have made appropriate sleeping arrangements whilst this is being actioned. Everything is done to minimise this disturbance period. 
  3. Your mattress must have been covered with a waterproof mattress protector and cannot for health reasons be accepted should the mattress be soiled on return. This will void any exchange obligations. 


Look for the Comfort Exchange Icon

Every mattress that carries this icon on our site, offers the exchange guarentee. Should this icon not be included in the content of the product, we do not cover that particular item.

Follow these simple steps

Email us with your invoice number and your intention regarding the exchange.

Our team will confirm and handle all details from there.

Await the call from our service team to arrange collection.